Typical Interview Questions

Hints and tips on typical questions you may be asked during an interview. 

A big fear amongst many interviewees is being asked a question and not knowing how best to answer. Unfortunately, there is no way of overcoming this, but candidates can ensure they are better prepared and well-practiced ahead of your interview date.

There are typical questions that an interviewer can ask an interviewee, which means you can plan your response before heading into the interview room. 

Typical questions asked to candidates 
  1. Tell me about yourself? This question gives candidates the opportunity to showcase themselves and demonstrate they are a good fit within the organisation. Researching the culture and ways of working and match this with your own experience and personality.
  2. Why are you applying for the position? Candidates answers need to demonstrate their desire to work for the company and the opportunities the role presents. Show interest in the area in which you are applying and what you can bring to the organisation.
  3. Why are you leaving your current role? Candidates should provide an honest explanation as to why they are looking for a new role. This could be down to numerous factors such as relocation, next challenge, change of sector etc.
  4. Explain how you overcame your biggest challenge? This question enables candidates to provide demonstrable evidence of overcoming challenges in the work place. Ideally think of a scenario which is applicable to the role being applied for and demonstrate your capability.
  5. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths and weaknesses should be tailored based upon the information candidates are given within the job specification or requirements. If they have detailed essential experience as a key criterion then ensure you include this as a strength. For weaknesses focus on a skill which you know needs improvement but isn’t necessary for the role you are applying, and that you are proactively trying to improve within this skill set.

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