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Stand out from the crowd with our CV top tips

Once you have your CV it is important to read through and enhance it, make it stand out from all the others. It is important to take time when writing your cv and ensure it includes all the relevant information in relation to the role for which you are applying. City Calling have developed a useful hints and tips checklist to ensure your CV stands out.

  1. Format: Format your CV in a way that makes it easy to read and follow. Think about layout, font, the number of pages, use of heading and bullet points. Taking all these into consideration will help ensure your CV is presented in a reader friendly way.
  2. Language: Asides from checking your CV for any spelling and grammatical errors it is important to consider the language that you use when describing yourself and your experience. Use of active verbs and descriptive language will help enhance your CV and present your experience and skill set more successfully.
  3. Tailored: Ensure you tailor your CV to the application, avoid sending out a generic, one size fits all CV. Tailoring your CV to the job requirements will ensure you showcase the skills and experience that are relevant to the role, thus enhancing the likelihood of you being invited to the next stage of the recruitment process.
  4. Tell the Truth: Small white lies on a CV can be very costly further down the line. A small tweak to a qualification or an over exaggeration of previous experience will not only cost you your employment but is also classified as fraud.
  5. Explain gaps: If you have any gaps in your employment history use your CV to explain why, this gives you the opportunity to tell the recruiter why without them jumping to conclusions.
  6. Include facts: When demonstrating your success or previous experience back this up with cold hard facts and statistics, whether this is an increase in sales, ROI or productivity

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