You have conquered applications, phone screening, aptitude tests and interviews, to finally being offered the role. This is an exciting time for any candidate when applying for a new job in construction, but before rushing into accepting a role there are a few considerations that should be made before accepting a job offer in construction:

  1. Check the offer. Make sure you understand and read through the job offer and it matches what was pre-agreed, this includes start date and salary. If you have any queries, make you you ask and all is clear before you accept the role.
  2. Understand the package. Make sure you know clearly what your package includes. This involves understanding policies, employee benefits, working hours and any other package information. Understanding this before accepting and starting avoids any misunderstandings between yourself and future employer.
  3. Does it match expectations. Once everything is understood make sure it matches your expectations. You went into your job search expecting a certain outcome, make sure this opportunity matches or is as close to your expectations as you can get. Don’t settle simply because you have been made an offer.
  4. Assess the culture. Company culture is a big consideration when accepting a new role and you have to make sure that the culture is something you can see yourself slotting into. Is it a flexible culture, highly corporate, hierarchical management structure… all these things need to be considered before accepting the role.

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