When starting your recruitment journey, you should always start by producing two key documents:

  1. Job description: A detailed description of the role and its main responsibilities. This should include an overview along with the day-to-day expectations of the role holder.
  2. Job specification: This is a tailored document used to assess applications. It should contain essential and desirable skills, experience and qualifications.

Although some may view the creation of these documents to be an unnecessary administrative task, they are in fact vital when searching for your perfect candidate and starting your recruitment process. So, what are the main benefits of these documents?

  1. Helps form the advert: The job specification and description provide all the information you need when recruiting. They are written them once but used a thousand times. In relation to advertising and making candidates aware of the role and requirements, you can use the job description to form the basis of your advertisement.
  2. Acts as a brief: When using an external agency to manage the recruitment process it acts the same as a project brief. They should detail exactly what you are looking for with all the key criteria. This ensures the agency look for the right people and don’t have to guess or interpret what they think a “suitable” looks like.
  3. Promotes effective screening: If more than one person is dealing with applicants it not only ensures consistency but also promotes effective screening. It provides clear guidance on what the candidates must possess in order to progress and to the make stage of the application process. It ensures an objective approach removing levels of subjectivity.
  4. Prevents unsuitable applicants: The process also aides candidates applying. A detailed job description with the essential criteria will ensure that only those with the right experience, skills, and qualifications apply. This will reduce the time spent filtering out unsuitable applicants because a vague job description and no specification has been sent out.
  5. Enables good feedback: Finally, it allows you to provide decent feedback to candidates that have been unsuccessful. This not only protects you from any challenges from the candidate but also shows you to be an organised and professional organisation.

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