The term “soft skills” has probably been popping up on your social media feeds lately. Soft skills are essentially a combination of personality traits and skills that define how you work. They are based on your interpersonal skills, communication skills, your attitude, emotional intelligence and much more. 

In recent years there has been a major shift in focus on these soft skills compared to traditional experience when it comes to recruitment. Hiring managers are often looking for specific personality traits to compliment hard skills (occupational skills). So much so that there is now a coalition of major businesses that want school curricula to focus more on the development of soft skills. Although these soft skills are difficult to measure, it does not mean you can’t gain or improve certain soft skills.

If you want to grow your career in construction, here are 5 soft skills that every construction worker needs to develop. 



Someone who can adjust their plans to the needs of the job is in high demand. Construction is a face-paced industry where a lot of changes happen all the time, meaning project managers value individuals that are just as adaptable as the industry.

Team Player: 

Being able to work well with otheris important in most roles. As a contractor your team might changregularly, the ability to quickly become a team player in a new team is highly important and will be an integral part of the success of a project.  



A lack of good communication is a major issue in the industry. Not only because of the difference in nationalities of many workers, loud noises, and the fast-paced tempo can result in communication issues. Therefore, workers who can clearly and effectively communicate with others is key to the industry. 

Problem Solving: 

Problems and issues occur frequently during a construction project. Workers that can think in solutions rather than problems are therefore highly valuable within constructions roles.  


Good Work Ethic:

Someone who has a positive outlook about their tasks and has a can-do attitude is often preferred over a contractor who does not have those skills. Being an honest, enthusiastic and positive person can go a long way in many roles. 

There are plenty more soft skills that can useful in a construction job and many workers have these soft skills to a certain extentConstruction operatives who possess essential soft skills will have a higher chance of being successful in their job interviews and advancing in their careers towards management level in construction. 

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