National Apprenticeship Week - Success Story

In light of National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with Site Administrator, Thomas Wood who’s been given a permanent placement working on a great project following his apprenticeship.

Thomas was placed on a major landmark project which started in 2019, involving 10 plots of residential units and is soon set to complete.

It was quite a big jump for Thomas at the age of 24, however he saw it as an opportunity he could not miss out on and decided to go for it.

Apprentice Thomas Wood

We asked Thomas to give us an insight to his journey and how he’s getting on?

“A couple of years back I was working as a retail manager at Topman, I wanted a new career and a fresh start, I always wanted to do Project Management but realised I needed to work from the ground up. I was looking through apprenticeship roles that were quite convenient to my location and my local community and came across this opportunity where I knew I could gain valuable experience and make really good connections. I’d been driving past the site for the last 8 years or so when starting my retail shifts, I remember what the site looked like previously and I’m extremely grateful to be involved in the project knowing what it will bring to the community upon completion.

I decided to apply as I had previous admin experience which was part of my retail management role. I knew this could open doors to what I wanted to do and couldn’t have been a better opportunity. I initially started working a six month contract of 30 hours a week. The team were very welcoming and I’ve met a lot of different people I would’ve never met before. I jumped into the role and settled really quickly as I’m naturally a very hands on person. In terms of the work itself It’s mainly handling documentation and managing the welfare space of the site.

The great thing about my role is working alongside those in positions I aspire to reach and being able to gather advice and knowledge as well as establishing important connections. I’m very thankful to the team for keeping me on, I feel very grateful and it’s good to know that you’ve made a positive impact on the team around you which makes you feel valued.

I’ve now taken on more responsibility since being given a permanent role with office management which feels impactful, seeing first hand changes I’ve made to the environment for everyone here and the day to day running of the project.”

What would you say to anyone interested in an apprenticeship?

“I’d say be confident and go for it. For people that don’t really have experience it’s the perfect route and invaluable if you want a starting point to a particular career. A lot of people aren’t sure of what their career path involves but an apprenticeship can provide a lot of clarity on what you need to know and what you need to do to get there.”