How to Write CV

A short guide to writing an effective CV 

When writing or updating your CV there isn’t a prescribed format, each CV must be tailored to the requirements and specification of the position for which you are applying. However, a CV should always include certain key pieces of information, regardless of the position.

  1. Personal Information: Ensure your name, address and contact information is clearly presented at the start of your CV. This makes contacting you if your application is successful much easier for the recruiter.
  2. Reason for applying: Including a short, relevant paragraph as to why you are applying for the position will help showcase and demonstrate your skills and suitability for the role to the recruiter. This should be a tailored paragraph that links back to the requirements, experience and skills mentioned within the advert or job description.
  3. Experience: A summary of all relevant work experience including job title, company and dates employed. Roles can be briefly summarised and then followed up with a list of key responsibilities which highlight your experience that is relevant to the role you are applying for.
  4. Achievements: In additional to work experience you may wish to include a list of achievements this can include awards and recognition, application of key skills, volunteering and additional qualifications (outside of your formal education).
  5. Education: Full details of obtained qualification should be included within your CV. This should show where and when you studied, the subject and the award grade. In addition, any areas of study which are relevant to the role you are applying can be expanded upon e.g. dissertation, specialist qualifications and training.
  6. References: Providing names and contact details is not necessary upon your CV, however a simple statement saying “References are available upon request” is recommended.

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