If you have a job interview coming up in the near future, chances are likely that it will take place over a video call. Although there are many positive aspects to doing an interview remotely, they can be a little tricky and require just as much preparing as face-to-face interviews.  

Here are 6 tips to help you prepare for a successful video interview. 

1. Test your tech before the call 

It sounds straight forward but surprisingly, many people fail to test their technology before starting a video call, which could result in technical failure and unnecessary stress. At least one hour before your interview, test if your internet connection is up to speed and turn off wifi on other devices where possible so your video call has the best connection possible. Also, check if your device is fully charged and/or plugged in and test sound and video quality. If you have many tabs or apps open on your device, you might want to close them in case you are being asked to share your screen. 

2. Take the interview in an appropriate surrounding 

Ensure that the environment you take your interview in is set in an appropriate location. It should be free from distractions and unwelcome noises. Avoid doing the interview in a public location where things can more likely go wrong. Ideally, have a plain wall behind you so nothing in the background can distract the interviewer. 

 3. Use a notepad

 One of the benefits of a video call is that you can use a notepad and have reminder notes, such as your CV, by your side. In a normal interview, it might feel strange to take notes with you which could result in your forgetting to mention some of your great achievements. Write crucial reminders down on your notepad before the interview and take a record of what the interviewers mention where necessary. 

4.Dress appropriately  

It might feel strange to dress up for an interview at your own house, but you should dress as you would for a normal interview. The quality of the video call might be very good so ensure you dress the part from top to bottom, especially in case you need to stand up for any reason. If anything, dressing your best will very likely give you a confidence boost. 

5. Prepare as usual 

Just because the interview is done digitally, it does not mean you should not take it less seriously. Prepare as you would for a face-to-face interview. Do your research on the company, role and interviewer. Prepare questions, practice answering questions and work on your body language. 

6. Take advantage of the time lag 

The chances are that you will experience some technical issues during your call and there is often a certain degree of time lag, which can be used to your advantage. Where you might usually be encouraged to think on your toes and answer quickly, take your time to let your interviewer finish speaking to ensure you do not talk over them. Those couple of seconds of time lag could give you more time to think about your answer. As with other technical issues, just stay calm (they happen all the time) and use them as a moment to consider what you were going to discuss in your meeting. 

In conclusion, it is very important to take your video interview in earnest and prepare accordingly. It might feel a little unusual at first, but as technology advances, it may just become the new normal. 



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