An advertisement forms a potential candidate’s first impression (excluding brand recognition) of your company and how it operates, so surely this should be a showcase piece? Many organisations shy away from including key details and information on their construction job adverts, this only deters candidates from applying.

So how can you create a job advert which attracts the best candidates and showcases your organisation?

  1. Write a job description. Having a vague and brief description of the role you are advertising will not help attract the best talent. A job description should have been written prior to embarking on the recruitment journey so use this as your basis of the advert. This will not only provide candidates with enough detail but will also help ensure only suitable candidates apply. Vague adverts can result in vague and unsuitable applications.
  2. Include key details and information. Make sure you include all key information to save awkward conversations further into the process. Deadlines, interview dates, location, salary and benefits are all pieces of information that candidates like to know. These can make all the difference to a person applying for your job.
  3. Provide links to your website. Don’t make it hard on your potential candidates, give them as much information as possible. Links to key information and your website all help encourage them to apply to your organisation and let them find out more about you.
  4. Design it. Plain fonts on word documents make adverts look rushed and unappealing. Design your documents and your advert to make your organisation stand out, it not only shows time and care has been put into the process but also shows you to be a serious and professional organisation.
  5. Make it clear how to apply. Clearly detailing how you want candidates to apply makes the process easier for you and the candidate. Provide all the information required to make a successful submission such as whether they need to fill in a form, send their CV, what format it should be sent and where applications need to be sent.

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