How to Answer Interview Questions

A response method to successfully answer interview questions

Nobody enjoys walking into the unknown, which is why job interviews are so nerve wracking. Doing your research and practising responses to potential questions can contribute to interview success, however when faced with a question that you haven’t prepared for what is your best response plan?

The STAR response method is a structured approach to answering behavioural based questions, focusing on the situation and providing the required evidence to demonstrate your capability. So, when faced with a question you haven’t prepared for think STAR:

Situation: The first step is to describe the situation or the event that the example relates to, putting the experience into the relevant context.

Task: Secondly, explain the task that you were required to undertake and how it related to the situation.

Action: next, explain the actions that you undertook to complete the task. This section of your answer will provide the information the demonstrates your skills and how they were used to successfully complete the task. Here you should try and focus the tasks that are most relevant to the role your applying for, this ensures the interviewing can see hear your suitability for the role.

Result: Finish your answer but explaining the result. This should include facts such as the impact your actions had on the overall result and any additional outcomes that have resulted from completing this task.

Using this methodology when answering interview questions will enable you to provide a detailed and relevant response to any interview question, increasing your chances at interview success.



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