The term ghosting previously belonged to the dating world where someone in a relationship suddenly ceased to communicate without any prior warning. Ghosting can also relate to a person secretly disappearing from a party or gathering without letting anyone know. However, ghosting also increasingly takes place in the recruitment industry, even in construction recruitment. More and more construction jobseekers complain about the phenomenon of being ghosted by construction recruiter or hiring manager. 

It can be very frustrating when a recruiter fails to return your calls or messages, especially after having prior communications. This tends to be a heartbreaking experience for many.


Here is what you can do when you are being ghosted: 

1. Follow up a few times

We would recommend calling up to 3 times and leaving a voicemail message where possible. Ensure they have your number and email address so they can get back to you. Try calling at different times in the day. Construction is a busy industry and the person hiring might have other commitments at the same time each day. 

2. Stay polite 

Although your frustration at the lack of communication is justified, it is always best to stay polite. It might just be a case of the hiring company dealing with some internal or technical issues, so you do not want to build a bad reputation. This could affect your future chances with the construction company/recruiter or their friends as many in the construction industry are well-connected. 

3. Keep looking for other jobs 

Throughout an interview process it is best to keep your options open, should this current position not work out. Do not pass on other offers just because you are in conversation about this specific role. 

4. Move on 

After several failed follow up attempts it is time to move on. This can be hard if you were really looking forward to the role, but you must keep your energy to apply for other construction jobs. 


5. Remain positive

Keep your head up. If the company did not get back to you, it just was not meant to be. In most cases it has nothing to do with you, the recruiter probably had other plans in the first place. A new, better role will come along soon enough, and you will be thankful that other opportunities didn’t work out.  

In conclusion, it is extremely disappointing when a recruiter fails to communicate with you and many construction jobseekers tend to feel hopeless and discouraged after experiencing “being ghosted”. However, it is important to not take it personally and to sethe situation from a positive perspective. Something much better will be waiting for you. The construction industry is actively hiring so your next dream job is just around the corner.  


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