So, what should you do after a bad job interview?

It is every candidate’s worst nightmare, a job interview that goes badly. Unfortunately, this is all part of the job search journey, some will go well and others not so well. This is not something to beat yourself up over or consider a failure, but these scenarios require some time for reflection and assessment of your job interview so that you can learn and improve ahead of your next job interview.

Here are 5 things you should do after a bad job interview:

  1. Ask for feedback. As painful as this may be, it is always good practice to ask for interview feedback, good or bad. This provides you with valuable information about the areas you need to improve on from an interviewer’s perspective. Take this information on board and learn from their advice.
  2. Self-assess. Take time to reflect on the process and highlight where you think it went wrong, did you prepare enough? Did they ask too many unexpected questions? Was it too intense? All these things will help you prepare better for the next one.
  3. Lessons learned. Make sure that any reflection or feedback you get is put into action. For example, if you didn’t show enough relevant examples make sure for the next interview you have more scenarios and examples prepared; or, if you didn’t show enough understanding of the organisation spend more time researching and exploring. This will only help improve your chances of success going forward.
  4. Seek advice. If you want interview advice or help with preparation, then seek the advice of a professional. Many recruitment agencies offer help when it comes to job interview preparation, from providing useful company insights to undertaking mock interviews.
  5. Move on. Don’t let a bad interview knock your confidence or halt your job search, bad job interviews happen. Learn from your mistakes, take positive steps in improving your interview tactics and move on to the next.

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