After such a turbulent and unprecedented year, it is time to start looking forward again. Indeed, no one can accurately predict the medium to long term effects Covid-19 will have on society, although many of us have likely pondered it as a mere thought experiment, but some things we can say are certain.  

If you’re in the job market, or in the hiring market, especially construction companies hiring market, here are three things we think are worth considering for the start of next year.  

1. Brexit  

Free movement between the UK and the EU is ending, and the Government are rolling out a new points-based immigration system. If you intend to hire from the EU, you will need a sponsor license to do so. This could take some time to acquire and there are specific requirements you’ll need to meet, so it’s wise to look into this immediately if you haven’t already.  

Far less certain is the outlook for job seekers post Brexit. It could mean less competition for places, but according to a report by CIPD, a professional body of HR specialists, many employers are still intending on hiring from the EU, stating various reasons for doing so.  

2. Government investment in construction  

No job can truly say that it’s Covid proof. All industries have been shook by the pandemic, some far worse than others. The fact is that the Government are continuing to invest in the UK construction industrywith the construction procurement pipeline setting out £37billion in planned spending. With a backlog of projects that stalled due to Covid-19, and this upcoming investment, you can be sure there will be construction companies hiring in 2021.  

3. Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine  

Most, if not all business had to make some tough decisions over the past few months, not just letting go existing staff, but cutting out planned vacancies too. The vaccine represents a light at the end of the tunnel for many, and hiring freezes imposed earlier in the year will be lifted. As confidence in the economy grows, so will hiring activity. This points to more positions becoming available, including the ones that had to be relinquished due to the pandemic. It might be worth checking back in on those places that weren’t hiring a few months ago, they may have opportunities now.  

Clearly, the times ahead will not be easy, and even though we can state some certainties, we don’t know what the ripple effects of any of it will mean. That’s not to say that we can’t look ahead with a positive outlook. 

If you need any more help or advice with finding employment, or perhaps your construction company is hiring already, don’t hesitate to get in touch with City Calling, contact us today.


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