Fine tuning your recruitment process could make all the difference when looking to attract the best talent. Having no defined process or procedure when it comes to recruitment could see you deter potential candidates from your organisation. So how can you ensure that your process helps attract the best talent?

  1. Create clear selection criteria. This means you only spend time interviewing candidates that are worth interviewing, you do not waste your time interviewing candidates that do not fit the jobs criteria.
  2. Be prepared. Turning up unprepared to an interview can give the candidate the wrong impression of your organisation. Make sure you have read their CV prior to the interview and have tailored questions already prepared.
  3. Be on time. Candidates are always told to be on time to their interviews and this also applies to interviewers. Keeping candidates waiting does not create a positive image of you or your organisation.
  4. Determine the process. Plan your recruitment process before embarking on the recruitment journey. Prolonging the process with additional interviews and back and forth communication can imply your organisation is unorganised with little process. Be clear from the start what the interview process is.
  5. Use an agency. Recruitment agencies, like City Calling, provide a one-stop shop for recruitment. They take the pressure off you and your organisation and manage the process on your behalf.

City Calling  is a UK-based recruitment agency which provides a complete recruitment service, focusing on the placement of professional staff across all industries. If you would like to know more on how City Calling can help with your  recruitment needs, whether this be permanent, temporary or fixed-term contract, then please get in touch by emailing us at

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