What we provide

Permanent placement

Finding the right person for your job

Permanent employees are an investment; therefore, it needs to be done right. At City Calling, we work with each client to understand requirements before commencing the sourcing strategy. Our process ensures we capture the role and candidate criteria concisely, allowing us to present only the most suitable and relevant candidates to our clients.

Contractual hires 

Outsourcing skill sets

Larger projects or more specialist areas within your organisation may develop a need for specific skill sets, but not on a permanent basis. These one-off pieces of work can be completed successfully only by using specialist consultants on a project basis. City Calling works with each client to determine precise requirements and source the most suitable and relevant contractor for each project.

Temporary assignments

Assigning resource to your projects

Whether it is flexible working, role cover or an increase in workload, City Calling can deliver additional professional resource on a temporary basis. Based on the contract criteria and requirements, we can search through our pool of temporary and agency-based candidates to support each individual organisational need on a short- or longer-term basis.

Executive search

Identifying industry leaders

Identifying and attracting the right ‘C-Level’ leader is crucial to organisational growth and success. It is imperative to match skills, experience and knowledge with the aspirations and objectives of and ambitious organisation. City Calling seeks to understand overall business objectives s before t targeting and approaching senior candidates.